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Media Relations

As the core part of public relations, good "media relations" is an important factor in the corporation success which can help organizations, commercial companies shape high reputation in the industry. Ecobiz China is a company who can help to provide high professional media relations services to shape the high-ended commercial image and advanced technology image in industrial field and convey your core information and to efficiently avoid negative impact from unforeseen crises at the first time.

Government Relationship
Good government relations will directly guide your business efficiently. Ecobiz China will help you create a good government relationship to study the latest industry policy and communicate with government department for your business development. As known, its important for corporation to overcome the complexity to communicate with the government officials, Ecobiz will give you the solutions!

Market Branding
Ecobiz China provides two ways of your market branding, Press Conference and Media Interview. As we have amounts of media resources, So we could tailor the accurate, effective, high-end brand communications program for your particular request including material preparation, invitation, supplier management, on-site process control and media operation after conference.

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