Ecobiz China Corporation


Ecobiz's most important assets are the staff working hard to serve our clients. Having a skilled and engaged workforce is vital. We strive to create the best environment possible for our employees to grow.

Diversity C A competitive advantage
  •  We embrace the unique needs of each sector C from customer requirements to employee cultures
  •  Our each team share and exchange ideas every day
  •  We cultivate diverse talents and skill sets throughout the company

Employee training
  •  Group manager training
  •  At least three times of program studying
  •  Sales skill and text composition training

Our team
Ecobizs sales team consists of experienced talents who have rich experience in transportation, energy, construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, medicine, finance sector, etc. Deep rooting in the international market, knowledge of overseas operational experience and needs, always adhering to the professional, accuracy and efficiency, depth knowledge on current issues and far-reaching strategic vision is the key issue to our success.

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